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2020 Bianconi Ave, Citywest
Business Campus, Dublin 24
Room name: First Aid/Doctors room, Ground floor

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Email: info@xsitehealth.com
Mobile: 01 557 5961
Online support: Live Chat


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  • We can facilitate claims for all Insurance policies, please speak with the Xsitehealth team on the day if you need us to sign/stamp claim forms.
  • PAYE workers can claim PRSI benefits for 1 dental examination per year. If you submit your PPS number on our booking form, we’ll check your eligibility for you.

Days of service

Future dates: 2nd Wednesday & Thursday of every 4 months

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 17:00

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Scope of care

Preventative & Maintenance
Minor Restorations
Complimentary Straightening Consultations
Cosmetics – Teeth Whitening

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Continuity of care

We provide access to care in between our visits to your organisation in our conveniently located near-site centres.

Dublin City centre